New Portraits: David and Lindsay



Cameron Levin Design

Shot this recently for the very talented  Cameron Levin 

Look 70525_Look 20098_

Tom Kundig for SNAP Magazine

This is a recent portrait I did of Seattle based architect and visionary Tom Kundig for SNAP magazine (branch of Architectural Record)Kundig__MG_0620

Joe Vollan- Portrait Series

A few weeks ago I met up with the artist Joe Vollan. It was a hot day so we set up in the backyard and had some beers. Then took some photos.

Jamie Jester- Portrait Series

More images from my portrait series: Jamie Jester. See more images from this project on my website

More from the Artist Series

Here are some more images from my ongoing portrait series. Check out my site for more.

Dave Bloomfield-starheadboy

Justin Hillgrove

Justin Hillgrove

Solace Wonder

Portrait Series

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a new series of portraits. These people are artists, writers, and all around interesting people. Here are a few.

This is Bob. He’s a tribal and folk art dealer.

This is Henry, he makes murals that you can see all over Seattle.

This is Johnny. He’s writing a book about the early years of the Beatles.