Portland Makers Project

I’ve been working on a series of portraits of creatives in Portland, OR. These people are artists and designers making beautiful things. Much more to come. Check out my instagram feed RICHARDDARBONNE and my website for more.

Jordan Hufnagel

Jordan Hufnagel

Britt Howard- Portland Garment Factory

Britt Howard- Portland Garment Factory

Mike Elias-  Tomahawk

Mike Elias- Tomahawk

Ashley Hardy- Ceramics

Ashley Hardy- Ceramics



Joey Bates Portrait

Local artist Joey Bates has been working on a series of cardboard sculptures. He has a show coming up next week  called Recent Explosions.  Here’s a  portrait I took a few months ago. 

Joe Vollan- Portrait Series

A few weeks ago I met up with the artist Joe Vollan. It was a hot day so we set up in the backyard and had some beers. Then took some photos.

Jamie Jester- Portrait Series

More images from my portrait series: Jamie Jester. See more images from this project on my website

Tacoma Portraits

I recently headed down to Tacoma to take a couple portraits of artists as part of my ongoing series. Jeremy Gregory has a studio space downtown with an entrance right onto the sidewalk. I set up my background and lights at the front entrance so that people walking by could stop and watch the shoot. After about 20 minutes of shooting I invited in three really enthusiastic viewers.

Here are some images from the shoot:

Geoff Weeg-artist/musician




More from the Artist Series

Here are some more images from my ongoing portrait series. Check out my site for more.

Dave Bloomfield-starheadboy

Justin Hillgrove

Justin Hillgrove

Solace Wonder

Portrait Series

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a new series of portraits. These people are artists, writers, and all around interesting people. Here are a few.

This is Bob. He’s a tribal and folk art dealer.

This is Henry, he makes murals that you can see all over Seattle.

This is Johnny. He’s writing a book about the early years of the Beatles.